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Washington MEC plans
Now enhanced with more benefits

The 2020 Employee Benefits Survey found that self-funded health plans are in place at 62% of corporations, 72% of public employers, and 82% of MultiEmployer plans.

Elevate your Employee Benefits
with MEC Enhanced Plan - $145 per month per employee

Welcome to a new era of employee benefits by Washington Group Benefits. Our Washington Bridge Plan is the top-tier choice, delivering an affordable option that covers the ACA-required MEC and more.

Discover the advantages of self-funded brilliance, seamless administration, and affordability redefined. It's not just health insurance; it's a commitment to providing day-to-day health coverage at an affordable price with low copays.


Day to Day Employee Benefits Include

  • First Health PPO Network - Access to 44,000 physicians in WA

  • Zero Annual Deductible

  • 100% Preventive Covered / 1 visit per year

  • Primary Care Visits - $30 copay / 4 visits per year

  • Specialist Visits - $40 copay / 4 visits per year

  • X-ray/Lab/Diagnostics - $30 copay

  • Urgent Care - $50 copay

  • Prescription Rx

  • Telehealth

  • Vision


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health icon3.png

Doctors Office

health icon4.png

Blood & Lab

health icon1.png

Urgent Care

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Prescription Rx

MEC Enhanced Plan
from $145 per month

Advantages of choosing a self- funded MEC Enhanced plan:

  • The plan meets and surpasses MEC minimums outlined in the ACA.

  • As the employer you choose the employee contribution.  This can vary between part time and full time.

  • The employer + employee contribution are placed in a claims account every month. When claims are submitted, your partnered Third Party Administrator (TPA) will work directly with the healthcare physicians to manage claims. 

  • Self-funding a health plan is often less costly because there are no profit or risk margins to pay to an employer. In addition, there are no state-levied premium taxes. 

  • As an employer, you can now offer substantial day-to day benefits while mitigating risk.  Each plan offers copays and have a maximum yearly usage( example: 4 doctors visits per year ). Having allowable maximum visits and covered services for day to day such as doctors visits, lab and diagnostics, and (1) covered urgent care visit per year will show immense value to the employee to now have an affordable option, while offering a stop-loss to the employer.

  • The employer has aggregate stop loss insurance: a benefit that provides protection if at a point, the groups claims exceed a certain threshold over the course of a period of time, usually a year. This mitigates your exposure while giving you the ability to offer substantial affordable benefits to your employees.

  • At the end of the year, the employer retains all remaining funds in the claims account. You may choose to do whatever you would like with it, many times rolling it over to offer and allowing you to offer additional health benefits the following years such as Vision, Dental, and more. 

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