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Benefits Guide

Major Medical

Unlock the full potential of major medical coverage with our extensive access to all Washington Major Medical plans, including Kaiser Permanente, Regence Blue Shield, and Premera Blue Cross. We go the extra mile to secure the best pricing for your employees, surprising many business owners with Bronze plans starting at $250 a month. With our expertise, we excel at maximizing employee benefits while keeping your company's budget in mind.

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Partnering with the only the finest carrier, Delta Dental, we ensure exceptional dental coverage for your employees. We average a remarkable 35% reduction in monthly premium costs compared to purchasing the same product individually. Count on us to deliver cost-effective dental plans that promote oral health and contribute to your employees' overall well-being.


We've partnered with VSP Vision through Delta Dental, as 95% of Optometry offices accept VSP. However, we can accommodate preferred alternate vision services if needed. Our negotiated premiums for vision benefits are reduced by an impressive 30-35% compared to purchasing an individual plan on the marketplace. Rest assured that we have your employees' vision needs covered with comprehensive and affordable options.

Disability Coverage

Discover the multitude of benefits offered by disability coverage. Protect your employees' income and financial stability in the event of disability or illness. We provide tailored disability coverage solutions, ensuring that your employees receive the necessary support and financial protection they deserve during challenging times.

Claims Advocacy

Leave the complexities of insurance claims in our capable hands. Our dedicated claims advocacy service takes the burden off your shoulders. We navigate the claims process on your behalf, ensuring timely and fair resolutions, and providing the support you need. With us as your advocate, you can focus on your business, knowing that your claims are being handled efficiently and effectively.




Supplemental Insurance

Enhance your employees' coverage with supplemental insurance options tailored to their specific needs. From critical illness coverage to accident insurance, we offer a range of supplemental plans that provide additional financial protection and peace of mind. Let us guide you in selecting the right supplemental insurance solutions to complement your existing benefits package.


Compliance Support

Navigating the complex landscape of insurance regulations can be challenging. Our team is well-versed in compliance matters and offers valuable support to ensure your benefits program aligns with applicable laws, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With our guidance, you can navigate compliance requirements confidently and avoid potential penalties or legal issues.


Trust us to simplify your life and save you time by handling the complexities of claims advocacy, offering supplemental insurance options, implementing wellness programs, and providing valuable compliance support. We are here to make a meaningful difference in your employee benefits journey, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business's success.

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